It all starts back in March 2016. If you have been following my blog for quite some time you will know that I married my now husband in Las Vegas on 13th March 2016, at this time I also decided to stop taking the contraceptive pill that I had been on for 7 years; in preparation for baby making sometime next year. This made my hormones go bloody crazy. My mood changed, my body changed, my skin changed and honestly my mind changed. I lost control of myself and felt like I was just purely existing. I have slowly got my mood, skin and somewhat of a control over my body over the last couple of months. But, I have still felt lost and confused in my day to day life. Now this is something I am still working on and will update you on over the course that it takes to find myself again; but currently I am making a few changes to improve my frame of mind. And just to include some photos, here is a photo of me and Stephen back in 2008 when we swapped tops (aged 15) and again at our Wedding party 2016 (aged 23).

Getting out more
This sounds super simple but honestly getting outside and moving my body has made the biggest difference to my mind. The fresh air, seeing the world and just being with nature really makes me appreciate everything. I've started back at the gym too so I can shape up and just be more active without dying. I am also saying yes to more things, blogger events, trips with friends and nights out. Usually after work I am knackered and never want to do anything; but lately I have been forcing myself to do things after work and it really has been helping with my mood.

Appreciate the little things
I have always been the kinda girl that really appreciates the small things; clean bed sheets, an ice cream whilst walking along the beach, watching the clouds, taking my bra off and the list goes on. They make me happy and really appreciate life and how blessed I truly am; taking the time to remember this really ups my mood and makes me grab life by the balls a little more. 

Sort out my skin
My skin has been super super bad since coming off the contraceptive pill; like super bad. I have been working on my skin over the last couple of months and slowly getting my skin back to normal. Acne is no joke and having never experienced it as a teenager it makes it all the worse now. It's really made me appreciate having clear skin for the first time in my life. There will be a fab post coming soon about how I dealt with my hormonal acne and how to treat scarring. 

What I want to do
When your leaving school everyone asks you what you want to do with your life. I never knew and I would get a little overwhelmed with all the choices. At the age of 15 I thought I had plenty of time to figure things out but the years have slowly crept by and at the grand age of 24 I still have no idea. I love everything beauty and I also love to help people but they don't really go together well enough to make money. I have considered training to be a nurse or paramedic but truthfully I'm not sure I am up to all the hard work and emotional heartache. Seriously who knows?! If I decide I'll let you know, until then I'll keep you updated. 

Truthfully I've been away from blogging due to my blog crashing for 6 weeks and then afterwards there is no excuse, I just didn't get back to it. I am back again now and I will try to make it up to you. I have been away from YouTube due to how bad my skin got and how embarrassed I was by it. I didn't want to put my face on the internet for all to see. Now my skin is getting better I will get back into making YouTube videos eventually, until then please be patient. Thanks for sticking by me these last couple of months, I really appreciate your love and understanding.


Katie x


  1. I remember when I came off it, it had a huge effect. I hope you feel better soon and things settle down, it sounds like you're taking some great steps to improve things. - Amy x

    1. It's such a bad medication pushed towards young women. Definitely going to revisit this topic. Thanks for your comment Amy xx


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