Lush Lovely Jubblies

Yes that says what you think it says. Lovely Jubblies, a breast cream from Lush to keep your lady lumps firm, supple and high in the sky. This beautifully floral scented cream helps to keep your boobies firm and has helped me a lot with pesky stretch marks that I got from growing said boobies. I use this every night and sometimes in the morning if I remember and slather onto my best asset (or so I've been told) to keep them firm. Yes I am still young and I have small boobs (C/D cup) so they are still where they are meant to be and I am currently winning a battle with gravity but I know at some point they will start heading south; this is to help prevent that for as long as possible. I take Lovely Jubblies all over my boobies and up to my neck keeping everything moisturised and looking great. 

Now I know helping to keep your boobs firm sounds incredible but doing this daily also ensures you are friendly with your boobs. Sadly Breast Cancer has touched my family; My grandmother (fathers mother) had breast cancer and luckily she caught it early enough to be able to beat it. Slathering on Lovely Jubblies every night has given me a little routine to have a good feel and check that my boobs are as they should be. I have linked a little video by Coppafeel here for you to check what you are looking for and to keep yourself safe. I am in no way afiiliated with Coppafeel I just want you all to know just how important it is to check your breasts often and to report anything to your doctor immediately. 

I hope you stay safe and check you boobs often and pick up some Lovely Jubblies to keep your boobies looking and smelling great.

Katie x


  1. Okay so I love the idea behind this, it's such a good way to keep your hands on your boobies and make sure they're healthy!

    Mel ★

    1. Thank you :) it's so important to know your boobs xx

  2. I've never heard of this! Love the concept though xx

    1. Sadly it's been discontinued :( I'll be on the lookout for a replacement though xx


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